What To Share: How To Choose Content

Choosing what content to curate can be overwhelming. Unlike Facebook, which shows your content to a mere 3-6% of your followers, all of your followers on FrontPageIt see everything you post upon login.

This means you have the full attention and focus of FrontPageIt users. Because of this, and how our users interact with the website, we thought we would give you some tips on how to choose your content.

How To Choose Content

1. Choose valid sources: When sharing content other than your own, make sure the source you choose has authority. If you have several articles to choose from, it’s usually best to share the source that has the most reputable name.

For instance, an article from TechCrunch carries more authority than one from an unknown tech blogger. UNLESS…

2. Unless you uncover an exclusive viewpoint: If a post written by a lesser known blogger has very unique and interesting insights, and/or exclusive (and fact-checked) information, sharing this post can give you even more authority than posting the most common source.

Just make sure to share why this lesser known source has this authority in the “Gist of It” section when posting.

3. Mix Your Mediums: Some people like to watch videos, and some hate it. Some like listicles, and some hate them. You get the picture. Keep a variety to the content you share to keep your followers guessing.

4. Cross-promote other curator content: Is there another curator on FrontPageIt whom you respect? Cross-promote their content, especially if it is unique to that curator.

That forms a relationship with other curators, and helps grow your following. We do recommend that you note when you’re sharing another curator’s content in the “Gist of It” section, for those users who follow the both of you.

How To Choose stories

5. Choose a mix of newsworthy items: If something in your interest category is trending worldwide, you definitely want to share. However, some of the lesser-known news items are what our followers rely on curators to uncover.

So mixing up the content, and sharing interesting-but-less covered news gives you even more authority.

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