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FrontPageit gives you access to the Internet’s best content, without the usual Internet fluff.

You see, the design of FrontPageit is different from most social sites out there. On FrontPageit, only a few experts create content, and each post is categorized with a topic.

frontpageit topic selection

This way, you can subscribe to follow only a certain topic from an expert.

For example, maybe you’re interested in science. One of our most popular curators is Charley Dawson, who writes about science, technology, and gadgets.

Let’s say you like Charley’s posts on science: the biology news, the physics discoveries, the astronomy updates. But you have no interest in seeing Charley’s posts about Android apps or new CPU technology.

No problem. You can follow Charley only on science topics, and you can block out all the other noise.

frontpageit interest selection

Oh, we’ve also eliminated headlines.

Instead, our curators give you the gist of a story, so you can immediately decide whether you want to read more, without being sucked into a website just because of a clickbait headline.

gist of it


Just the best information, without the usual distractions.

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