Curate vs. Create: What Content is Shared on FrontPageIt

Social networks aren’t new to anyone. If you’re reading this, you likely have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, LinkedIn, and/or Kik, among other accounts that you check throughout the week. The content you see on these networks, in terms of source, is mixed.


Curate vs. Create

Some of it come directly from the account owner, or person who posted it. Some of it comes from another source, and the person who posted it just happened to find that content compelling enough to share. FrontPageIt is similar in that some of the content is created by the curator, and some is shared from other sources.

What does that mean for your experience?

Users: We know your time is valuable, so we work hard to make sure the content our curators present to you is valuable as well. We discourage clickbait. Articles include a “Gist of It” section so you can scan your feed, and quickly get updated on the topics you follow.



We also listened to our beta testers, and made sure that feeds were free of duplicate content–so if Google happens to release some big news, it’s not the only thing that shows up in your feed all day like on social networks. The content has been carefully chosen for you by our curators–not an algorithm. This is what makes FrontPageIt different from any other content curation website.

Curators: If you’re a curator on FrontPageIt, the site is an excellent way to present yourself as a thought leader. We encourage our curators to share the best content out there–whether it’s penned by you, or someone else.

We find mixing it up, and sharing about 20% of one’s own content, and 80% written by someone else is the best ratio.

The ratio is, of course, up to you… but we’ve found that ratio helps engage the most users. We’ll continue to grow the platform, and add more features to improve your experience. We would love to hear your thoughts so far in the comments below.

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