Content Curation Ultimate Checklist: How to Absolutely Nail a Winning Strategy

Curating content is one of the best online marketing strategies to successfully establish your presence as a thought leader, attract the attention of your audience, and build a profitable business online.

At first, that can sound counter-intuitive. Why is collecting and sharing other people’s content essential to building your own winning strategy? Three reasons ..

Winning Strategy

First, content curation saves enormously on time and effort. Instead of developing everything from scratch, curated content is the easiest, lowest-cost way to fill your overall marketing strategy with proven, click-worthy content.

Second, curated content comes directly from and is designed specifically for your target market. We all know how bewildering the vast amount of information online can be. Curators cut through the fog and help their audience make the most of what already exists, instead of just adding to the noise.

Third, curated content builds your own authority as an industry expert, thought leader, and – above all – genuinely decent person. This last point – being a “genuinely descent person” – is paramount. Instead of making all your content about you, curating other people’s content develops relationships with both your own readers as well as other thought-leaders. Gratitude and reciprocity are hardwired into the human condition. So while you should never be as crass as to, “I shared yours … now you share mine,” that inescapable principle underlies how we think and live.

Unfortunately, creating a comprehensive strategy can be overwhelming, especially when you’re starting out.

That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate checklist with the eight essential content types a winning curation strategy must include along with tons of examples to get you off on the right foot.

1. Problem-Solution Articles

Keeping track of all the amazing advice floating around online is impossible. Creating a list (or, round up) of the most useful problem-solutions articles in one place can serve as an incredibly really helpful checklist for your audience.

What makes a list like this even better is if you test out the solutions and share your own results on what worked and what didn’t. Copyblogger founder Brian Clark’s newsletter Further — which offers in-depth reviews and personal applications from books, articles, movies, and more — is a perfect example

Moreover, all list posts – like the others below – are a phenomenal two-for-one. One, your audience gets bite-sized takeways that add value to their lives. Two, you get to reach out to each contributor one-on-one via email and social media to connect and enlist their help in sharing.

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Image Credit: Buffer

2. Influencer Tips

Even better than a list of possible solutions is a list of proven solutions from highly-respected influencers or experts. People listen to advice from influencers more because these are names they recognize and have an established connection.

If you can interview influencers or experts directly and share their tips, that’s perfect, but you can also create curated pieces without speaking to them at all. Most of these individuals have blogs, books, and existing interviews chocked full of information you can use.

For influencer-tip curation, be sure to select one problem or topic and only present one tip per expert. Then, excerpt each tip into a separate Tweet, Facebook status, or FrontPageit post with a link to both the expert themselves as well as your article.

With FrontPageit, you can post, and give “the gist it” on each source you used to build that tips list and share them with your audience directly.

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Brian Clark


Image Credit: iconiContent

3. Infographics

Gone are the days of long spreadsheets and boring Powerpoints. Today, the best way to present information and complex data is via a colorful, easy-to-read infographic.

The best thing about infographics is that they are highly shareable. For example Neil Patel was able to increase his Twitter traffic from around 6,000 visitors per month to 12,470 simply by including images in his Tweets.

What if you’re not a graphic designer? Remember, curation means you don’t have to create them yourself.

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Image Credit: FastCoDesign

4. News Roundups

Most news sites publish constantly. They share stories as soon as they break, even if they just have a few facts or even allegations. Needless to say, it can be exhausting to keep track of multiple stories all the time. A news roundups helps to manage that.

News roundups can take two forms. You can either publish a weekly roundup of the hottest news over a period of time — say, the past week — or you can get really comprehensive publish all the news on a specific topic.

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5. Video Roundups

There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, with more being added every hour. And YouTube is just one source of many for videos online. The problem with this, as with other content, is that there’s good, bad and ugly, and it can take a bit of time to sort through the clutter to find the best ones.

To help your audience navigate through the massive portals of online video, compile lists of the best in your niche or industry and make them into a blog post, email newsletter, or even your own video.

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Image Credit: Mashable

6. Quotes and Quote Lists

Quotes and quote lists are everywhere online. And they’re everywhere for good reason. Just like infographics and videos, they take broad topics – success, relationships, productivity, parenting, etc. – and boil them down into memorable and inspiration nuggets.

The trick to standing out is to finding obscure quotes that stand out in books, longer articles and speeches. These can be grouped based on the individual being quoted, a particular topic or aimed at a specific niche.

Also, whenever you put together a quote list, be sure to share each one (over time) on your social media platforms along with a link to the full list itself. Even better, share the original articles where you found those quotes using FrontPageit to increase your impact and authority.

Goodreads and TED talks are two excellent sources for quotes on a variety of subjects.

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Image Credit: Inc.

7. Tools Lists

Tools here can refer to physical tools as well as digital tools, such as applications and extensions. There are an abundance of tools available at different price points, so choosing the right ones for your goals and budget can be confusing.

To win with this tactic, compile a list of tools based on a particular theme or objective, and include as many details as possible – like price, availability, pros, cons and customer reviews – for readers to make an informed decision through your post.

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tren demon

Image Credit: TrenDemon (via CrazyEgg)

8. Special Reports

We’ve saved the best for last.

Special reports are possibly the most difficult to create out of all the items in this list. They take time, effort, money, and a substantial investment in first-hand research.

Unless you curate them.

Reports can take the form of a lengthy article, whitepaper, or documentary. They usually tackle a hot topic issue and provide a comprehensive, in-depth review to help viewers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

As a curator, don’t simply share the special reports themselves, capture the best stats and highlight key takeaways. Then share those insights via your FrontPageit profile, email list, blog, and social platforms. Be sure to source everything, both for the sake of credibility and (again) so you can reach out to the original publisher every time you post.

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Image Credit: Wyzowl


Incorporating all eight of the content types just listed is the key to creating a winning content curation strategy.

Which is the best platform to use for curating content that will engage your audience? Naturally, you can use Facebook, but the organic reach on Facebook pages is limited and it is impossible to create specific topics of interest that your target audience will want to follow

On the hand, Twitter comes up often, but unfortunately, Twitter is so “noisy” that getting your user’s attention is a constant struggle.

FrontPageit is the perfect place to share hand-picked, valuable content in any of these content curation efforts. You can use it to create a personalized feed with all the best articles relevant to your audience, instead of sharing via social networks that have other content that can distract. Moreover, it has 100% reach, which means all your followers see your stories and you can easily organize them into relevant topics cultivated for your exact audience.


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